Lithium Ion battery pack (24v 7.5-15ah)
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Lithium Ion battery pack (24v 7.5-15ah)

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Li-Ion battery Features

  • Very Small in size and weight compared to Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Lead Acid Batteries
  • Full Charge in 40 to 90 minutes depending upon special charger
  • Long life with full capacity for up to 1000 charge cycles
  • 30X Li-ion 3.7V 2500mAh cells 
  • Inbuilt charge protection circuit
  • Low maintenance
  • The battery can be charged to a maximum of 25.2 V on full charge.
  • The battery will work within a voltage range of 20 V to 25.2 V. 
  • The BMS will cut off the battery at approx. 20 V to prevent over-discharging.
  • Maximum safe charging current is 7000 mA.
  • Recommend charging current is maximum 2500mA for longer life
  • One wire each of battery positive(+ terminal) and battery negative(- terminal) will be provided as output of the battery.
  • The charging and discharging of battery is to be done through the same wires
  • XT60 end connectors as per image are  provided with the battery for easy connections.


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