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LADAKH Simplified – The Unofficial Handbook Of Buddhist Ladakh


Sold By: Colonel Ajay K Raina SM



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This book offers a simplistic explanation of articles, faith, history, culture, tourism in Ladakh. Any first-time visitor to Ladakh is bound to get mystified by many strange looking objects, some unusual rituals and of course a very harsh climate. This book will help such travellers to understand Ladakh better and prepare them for what lies ahead. Then there are things of beauty that will dazzle anyone. A simple introduction into such issues like landscape, art and craft, social structure and so on has been offered for the travellers who travel out of love for the place rather than for running away from their busy lives. The core issue remains Buddhist Ladakh. Authors:- This team of TWO consists of a Ladakhi man who is a scholar and has many published works to his credit. The other one is a traveller, writer and die-hard Ladakh addict. The work is, thus, an output of two minds- one insider and other from outside. The mix has a healthy tone to it and a traveller would identify with the explanations easily.


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