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Bicycle Conversion Kit 24v 250w (Nf) [Refurbished]

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Sold By: AggarwalEVehicles



Motor Specifications:
Rated Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Rated Power: 250W
Ambient temperature: -20°C — 45°C
Turn potential: 5V
Brake potential: Low potential brake
RPM (after Reduction) – 300rpm…..


Controller Specifications:
Voltage: DC 24V
Under Pressure: 20V±1
Current Limit: 21A ±1
Level Brake: low level
Turn Voltage: 1.1-4.3V
Phase Angle: 60/120
Power: 250W
Includes attachments for motor, accelerator, brake, battery, battery charging, brake light, power lock.



Charger Specification:
This Charger is for lead acid 24V battery.
The charger is based on the modern high-frequency switching power supply structure, built-in microcomputer control, to achieve fast, balanced, turbulent, floating charge automatic control charging, charging speed, accurate and reliable.
Current rating: 1.2A to 2A


Package Includes refurbished items:
1 x E-bike 24V 250W DC Geared Motor
1 x E-bike Motor Controller 24V 250W
1 x Lead Acid Battery Charger
1 x Throttle Set
1 x Led Head Light With Inbuilt Horn
2 x Brake lever
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x Key Switch
1 x Charging Port
1 x Long Axle…..


This kit does not include battery. It includes only charger.
This 24v 250w motor is best suited for single loading.
Maximum speed of motor is 22km/hr.
Use minimum 24v 12ah batteries for actual performance.
This cycle kit might have some scratches, dent and charger’s outer body has crack on it although it will work properly.


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