A Soldier’s Faith: Country Before Gods
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A Soldier’s Faith: Country Before Gods


Sold By: Colonel Ajay K Raina SM

The soldierly faith is quite different from the more prevalent worldly faith. For a soldier, the Country comes first always and every time. Read the way such a faith is nourished and observed in the bet forces. The readers will also come across some real-life stories as these pertain to the faith.




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Never before has any combatant offered such a rare insight into a realm that remains mystery to the world at large. Based on folklore, existing practices and related anecdotes, this work attempts to place on record some of the unique practices that have been shaping faith system of Indian troops for decades and have been instrumental in lending a distinct character to the profession. This book makes its readers travel through some unique practices, some historic events, some mystifying paranormal activities, some apparently exaggerated rituals, some humour and such like narratives that have soldiers associated with. The work looks around to pick up different shades and hues, both behavioural and conceptual, which, together, create the faith as it is understood in the fourth largest standing army on the globe. The faith in Indian Army flows from ‘top’ but it also flows from traditions, war cries and tales of valour. There are, thus, times when belief appears to be leading to faith and at other times, it is other way around. This work, therefore, has many dimensions but all such dimensions converge on to a single point, ie faith, as soldiers perceives it.


……a work by someone who has been a believer, an atheist and a seeker-agnostic , all at the same time…..courtesy his Olive Greens!


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