Hawan Powder, Guggal Powder
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Hawan Powder, Guggal Powder


Sold By: Incense Mantra


Homemade sticks from 100% natural products with love.

Sticks are charcoal-free & dipped in natural essential oils.

Prepared with organic material and good for health.

Almost smoke-free and long-lasting fragrance.


Hawan Masala Dhoop Powder: Trikala daily (morning – noon – evening) The importance of performing havan or yagna has been in our ancient Vedic traditions. In this modern age of today, it is becoming difficult for us to follow the old traditions and fulfill them duly. We have done the fire. This havan (material) masala incense powder has been prepared by using materials used in Yagna, herbs, many types of wood, cow’s ghee and guggle camphor etc. Whatever incense or incense sticks we use. Place this incense on a plate and make a cone-like tip upwards. The whole atmosphere is filled with pure and pure fragrance as soon as it is lit with a noose. This incense must be used to remove any disease defect.

Pure Guggal Dhoop Powder/Pure Guggal Incense: Whenever we bring wet incense from the market, some sticky substance like wet oil is applied on the hand while using it. A lot of black oil smoke comes out when it is burnt. Mostly, this incense does not burn completely, a part (piece) remains below, most of the people keep applying it despite not being satisfied. While here our Pure Guggal Dhoop Powder is prepared by pure herbs, camphor, ghee, etc. It is about four times lighter than the dhoop available in the market. Keep it in a plate and make a cone-like tip upwards. It burns comfortably. Its pure aroma is cent percent better than any other Guggal Dhoop available in the market.


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